Black Hills Center for American Indian Health


Variation in CYP2A6 and nicotine metabolism among two American Indian tribal groups differing in smoking patterns and risk for tobacco-related cancer.

2017 May

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Evaluating disparities in inpatient surgical cancer care among American Indian/Alaska Native patients.

2016 August

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Strengthening breast and cervical cancer control through partnerships: American Indian and Alaska Native Women and the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program.

2014 August

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Prostate cancer deaths and incident cases among American Indian/Alaska Native men, 1999-2009.

2014 June 

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Historical trends and regional differences in all-cause and amenable mortality among American Indians and Alaska Natives since 1950.

2014 June

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Trends and disparities in heart disease mortality among American Indians/Alaska Natives, 1990-2009.

2014 June

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Association of American Indian cultural identity with physical activity.

2014 Winter

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Religio-Spiritual Participation in Two American Indian Populations.

2014 March

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Influence of care giving on health-related quality of life among American Indians.

2013 September

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